Friday, January 23, 2009

Polyphony II

I finished this, the second in my Polyphony series, just yesterday. I painted it to hang either horizontally or vertically.

To see an earlier version, scroll down or click here. Golden fluid acrylics on 36"x48" gessoed canvas.

This palette is very vivid...the fluid acrylics are surprisingly bright when glazed over white.

It looks great on a white is truly a departure from the paintings I've been producing lately! A great learning experience.


Circe said...

I likes it!

Sorry...I have barely been paying attention to my own blog...

Could you do one in Red? or Red with Green and Blue? though I guess part of it would end up purple because of the color mixing..and the Red and Green would end up mud. :(

Maybe Red with white???

Shannon said...

Don't worry...I'll be continuing with this series, so this concept will be explored. The big question is whether to continue it on large canvases or to switch to large sheets of paper. The issue with watercolor paper which would have to either be mounted on canvas and varnished, or framed which becomes quite heavy and expensive.

Dorice Watercolours said...

Shannon, I really love the expression here, the complementaries are wonderful - I'd love to see where these hang! How large are they? It leaves one to contemplate and relax, want to trace all the various line with my eyes, keep going ...

It's inspiring me to want to quilt though, somehow! LOL ... (NO! STOP THINKING Dorice ... you don't have time to even think of painting these days!! no quilting!)

... and the Sadie painting is unbelievable!

may lim said...

I love these. It's fun to look at it. The colors are so vivid. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

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