Saturday, November 22, 2008


I painted this small piece (8.5" x 12") for the annual painting exchange over at We commit to painting a small watermedia piece and the exchange leaders draw names out of a hat. We then mail them to one another in time for the holidays...a cool way to add to your art collection!

This is watercolor on 300-lb Arches Cold Pressed... just a corner of the den. The door and floor are original (1911), and are unusual because the door is six-panelled, and the floor was repaired many years ago after the kitchen burned in the first half of the century. The coffee grinder is an antique from Avignon, France - an engagement gift from Anthony's cousin. I have sent this little piece to Tom Powell, an incredible artist in Louisville, KY who loves the subtleties of detail as much as I do.

Paints: Ital Venetian Red (DS), Lavender (Holbein), Raw Sienna + Burnt Umber (WN) and transparents French Ultramarine Blue (WN) and Quin Burnt Orange (DS).


Kristie said...

How beautiful!! You are sooooo amazing. One day I would love to get a painting from you :D Love your work!!

Circe said...

I like the colors.

It is very pretty. I don't think you are quite as good at still lifes as you are at painting flowers...but that will come in time.

The smoke and shading is genius.

Couture Carrie said...

You are truly talented! Love this scene!


ashley-cita said...

Really lovely, Shannon. I love the tone of the colors.

Shannon said...

Thanks, y'all! I need to pay better attention to my blog comments! :) Hope to get to some painting this creative juices have been diverted lately!