Saturday, October 27, 2007


My latest piece, Proud, is a different direction for me. It is 7" x 10" (which is pretty small for me) and is more illustrative than usual. I used this reference photo from MorgueFile since peacocks don't grow on trees.

This one is in the collection of my friend Harold Shull, an illustrator and artist for whom I have great respect. I am happy for him to own one of my little pieces!

I used Iridescent watercolors from Daniel Smith except for the blues, which are French Ultramarine from Winsor & Newton, and the Peacock Blue by Holbein. I used drybrush with a fan brush on the feathers to create a wispy feel while letting some of the paper shine through, keeping some whites. I wish my photo communicated the shimmer - it was so much fun to use such yummy paints. I used Iridescent Scarab Red by DS in the feathers - an awesome shimmery warm rust red, but has a warm yellow-green glow. So when you turn the paper it changes tone, just like a peacock's feathers.


TuttleTime said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm Lynn's sister...I was stopping by, because every time I talk to Lynn she tells me how cool and sweet you are. :) I am so glad you and her are in a small group together. It's awesome. Well, love your art pieces is it for work or pleasure or both. Have a great day!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Angie! Lynn is such a sweetheart! :) I just paint for me...I like to do so when I'm inspired and so have not pushed myself into the commercial arena with it. My focus for now is building inventory and experimenting, growing, playing, etc. I love painting, crocheting...anything visual and crafty. Love color and texture. I only wish I could do it full time! :)